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Specialised Marriage and Couples Therapy in Kensington

Rekindle and strengthen your relationship.

Seeking Help With Your Relationship

Relationships encompass a range of experiences with both joy and struggle, marking indispensable aspects of our lives. It’s common for couples to navigate challenges, whether internally or externally, throughout their journey together.

Some issues can be overcome without any assistance, but others may persist and compound without the right kind of support. When problems become recurrent and seem unsolvable, it may be advisable to seek professional help.

relationship counselling Kensington

Couples Counselling Kensington

Exploring Couples Therapy

Couples counselling is geared towards assisting partners in acquiring new skills and approaches aimed at addressing specific issues in their relationship. These sessions are usually conducted face-to-face by an accredited relationship therapist.

Therapy may consist of one or multiple sessions, tailored to meet your specific needs and goals. In our first session, I will conduct a thorough assessment and create a personalised plan to address the challenges within your relationship or other areas of concern. It’s crucial to understand that relationship counselling services should be adaptable and flexible to accommodate your progress and growth.

Ros Yuen Psychology

How Can Marriage Counselling Benefit You?

Visiting a professional for guidance on your relationship can be motivated by a range of factors, not necessarily centred on a specific issue or mental health challenge. You might be seeking seasoned support in fostering and strengthening your partnership.

Conversely, there might be issues that demand dedicated attention to facilitate improvement. Regardless of your objectives or motivations, I’m committed to collaborating with you to enhance your quality of life together.

Warning Signs That May Prompt Seeking Support

Challenges within relationships can manifest in various forms, tailored to each couple’s distinct needs and aspirations. While no two partners encounter identical issues, certain signs may indicate that therapy could be beneficial. 

These signs might encompass:

Ros Yuen Psychology
Ros Yuen Psychology

Enhance your future with dedicated relationship counselling customised to address the dynamics between you and your partner.

When Should You Seek Couples Counselling?

Telltale signs that people will benefit from couples counselling include:

A well-trained relationship psychologist can support you in shifting unhealthy dynamics in your marriage and relationship. It may seem intimidating or uncomfortable sharing your concerns with someone you do not know, but accredited counsellors are dedicated to helping each client in a safe and friendly environment.

The right support can make a significant difference in resolving the issues that endanger relationships. Although sharing your worries with a stranger may feel unsettling, accredited counsellors are here to offer help in a supportive and comforting environment.

Early intervention may improve outcomes, however, it is not unusual for couples to go six years or more after the problem arises before seeking help. 

While it is seldom too late, sometimes deeply entrenched, hurtful patterns of communication cannot be reversed after many years of misunderstanding and alienation.

When you begin experiencing an issue or when it starts to significantly affect your life, seeking assistance early on can lead to better outcomes.

Ros Yuen Psychology

How Relationship Counselling Could Help You

Relationship counselling is unique for every client, emphasising evidence-based techniques tailored to meet the specific needs of each couple.

Each relationship counselling session is crafted around the particular needs, constraints, and objectives relevant to the couple. Throughout therapy, we’ll evaluate your advancement and adjust as needed.

Ros Yuen Psychology

Common Questions About Couples Counselling

I’m pleased and experienced to provide support and guidance to anyone grappling with the intricacies of relationships, whether it’s a single person or multiple individuals integral to the partnership. Based in Kensington, I cater to residents of this area, but I also offer telehealth appointments as needed. Nonetheless, I strongly advise prioritising in-person sessions whenever possible.

The fees for relationship counselling are tailored to each client’s specific needs. Explore session pricing details on my website for more information.

Success in psychology and mental health treatments isn’t assured. Multiple factors interplay, impacting outcomes either positively or negatively.

Examples of factors that might support favourable outcomes include a strong commitment to therapy and active participation in interventions, as well as the complexity of the issues and relationships involved. Obstacles to success could include a lack of rapport with the therapist and a reluctance to work towards common goals.

Couples face various challenges, and the results of counselling will not always be the same for similar issues.

Since relationship and mental health therapy is personalised, the time frame for each couple’s progress differs.

The outcomes are unique to the individuals involved, and we can thoroughly address these aspects during our sessions.

At the outset of our sessions, we’ll explore your initial worries and difficulties to guide the development of a customised therapy plan. Our discussions may span various aspects, including conflict resolution, effective communication techniques, stress coping mechanisms, intimacy enhancement, and strategies for cultivating positive aspects within your relationship.

While relationship counselling primarily deals with relationship dynamics, psychologists are also skilled at assessing individual factors that could play a role in the couple’s struggles.

For example, what may appear as a sudden shift in behaviour towards the partner could stem from a traumatic event unrelated to the relationship.

While sessions will primarily involve both parties, there may be occasions where individual sessions are deemed beneficial for both parties and are then incorporated into the counselling process.

Ros Yuen Psychology

What Sets Dr. Ros Yuen Apart for Relationship Counselling?

Couples Counselling

Experienced Consultations

With extensive expertise and qualifications, I provide thorough, evidence-backed relationship counselling.

My main area of interest is couples counselling, including guiding effective communication, and conflict resolution for couples.

Gottman trained therapist Adelaide

Personalised relationship counselling, customised to meet unique needs and objectives, frequently leads to positive outcomes for clients.

With my expertise in this particular therapy approach, I can help address a multitude of challenges that may arise within a partnership.

Family Therapy

Direct Interaction

My main focus is on office-based services, supplemented by telehealth sessions if suitable, after initial appointments at my Kensington office.

Ros Yuen Psychology
Ros Yuen Psychology

Ready to Schedule Marriage Counselling in Kensington?

With a focus on supporting couples through relationship difficulties and related issues, relationship counsellors bring dedication and expertise to the table. My objective is to facilitate the growth of effective communication and nurture a stronger, more vibrant, and happier relationship between you and your partner.

Interested in beginning relationship counselling in Kensington? Get in touch with me to explore further and schedule your first appointment.

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