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Couples Counselling Adelaide

What is couples counselling

Couples counselling aims to help couples develop new skills and strategies, focusing on specific issues in their relationships. It may involve a single session or multiple sessions, depending on you and your partner’s needs.

When should you seek counselling?

Many of the difficulties that threaten the survival of relationships can be sorted with the right help, especially if addressed early enough. Yet, it is not unusual for troubled couples to wait up to six years and more, after the problem arises before seeking help. While it is seldom too late, sometimes deeply entrenched patterns of communication that are hurtful cannot be reversed after many years of misunderstanding and alienation.

Also, although it is ideal if both of you agree to seek professional help, it is not uncommon for one partner to be reluctant to seek help. Even then, it can be very helpful for one partner to seek help first and the changes he or she makes can have a domino effect on the relationship.

How can a psychologist help?

Your psychologist who is also trained in couple counselling can assess for individual psychological factors which may be contributing to the couple’s difficulties. For instance, what may look like a sudden change in behaviour may be in response to a re-triggering of a traumatic experience or sometimes, it may be the expression of a personality type. If not correctly identified, a mismatch of treatment approach can exacerbate the problem.

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