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Expert Marriage and Couples Counselling in Leabrook

Revitalise and Build a Stronger Foundation for Your Relationship.

Seeking Help With Your Relationship

Relationships are complex. Ups and downs are inevitable parts of these essential and challenging facets of our lives. Most couples face difficulties at one point or another, whether they are due to internal or external factors.

Some issues can be overcome without any assistance, but others may persist and compound without the right kind of support. When problems become recurrent and seem unsolvable, it may be advisable to seek professional help.

relationship counselling Leabrook

Couples Counselling Leabrook

Exploring Couples Therapy

Couples counselling is geared towards assisting partners in acquiring new skills and approaches aimed at addressing specific issues in their relationship. These sessions are usually conducted face-to-face by an accredited relationship therapist.

Therapy can be delivered in one or multiple sessions, depending on your needs and goals. In our first session together, I will undertake a comprehensive assessment and develop a tailored plan to focus on your relationship issues or other challenges. Relationship counselling services can and should be modified to grow and change with your progress.

Ros Yuen Psychology

Why Should You Seek Marriage Counselling?

Seeking professional guidance for your relationship is a decision that can stem from various reasons, not necessarily tied to a specific issue or mental health concern. You might seek experienced support to enhance and cultivate your partnership.

Conversely, there might be issues that demand dedicated attention to facilitate improvement. Regardless of your objectives or motivations, I’m committed to collaborating with you to enhance your quality of life together.

Indicators That Suggest Professional Assistance Could Be Beneficial

Challenges within relationships can manifest in various forms, tailored to each couple’s distinct needs and aspirations. While no two partners encounter identical issues, certain signs may indicate that therapy could be beneficial. 

These signs might encompass:

Ros Yuen Psychology
Ros Yuen Psychology

Secure your future together through personalised relationship counselling tailored to meet the unique needs of you and your partner.

When Should You Seek Couples Counselling?

Telltale signs that people will benefit from couples counselling include:

A well-trained relationship psychologist can support you in shifting unhealthy dynamics in your marriage and relationship. It may seem intimidating or uncomfortable sharing your concerns with someone you do not know, but accredited counsellors are dedicated to helping each client in a safe and friendly environment.

With the appropriate support, many of the challenges that jeopardise relationships can be overcome. While it might feel daunting to discuss your concerns with a stranger, accredited counsellors are committed to providing assistance in a welcoming and secure setting.

Early intervention can yield improved results, but many couples wait six years or more before seeking help after problems surface. While it’s rarely too late, deeply ingrained communication patterns may become irreversible following years of misunderstanding.

Visiting me when you start to experience an issue or when it is beginning to make a significant impact on your lives may bring more positive outcomes.

Ros Yuen Psychology

Discovering the Impact of Relationship Counselling

Relationship counselling can look different for all my clients, but it fundamentally focuses on evidence-based methods that are tailored to each couple.

A relationship counselling session is built on the specific requirements, limitations, and goals pertinent to the couple. As you move through therapy, we will discuss your progress and make modifications when necessary.

Ros Yuen Psychology

Couples Counselling FAQs: Your Questions Answered

I’m delighted and proficient in offering assistance and advice to individuals seeking help with various aspects of relationships, whether it involves one person or several individuals in the partnership. Situated in Leabrook, my services are available to local residents, with the option of telehealth appointments when appropriate. However, I highly recommend conducting sessions face-to-face whenever feasible.

The cost of relationship counselling differs depending on requirements. You can find out more about my session fees online here.

Psychology and mental health treatments don’t offer guaranteed success. Numerous factors interact, shaping outcomes positively or negatively.

Examples of factors that might support favourable outcomes include a strong commitment to therapy and active participation in interventions, as well as the complexity of the issues and relationships involved. Obstacles to success could include a lack of rapport with the therapist and a reluctance to work towards common goals.

Each couple navigates unique challenges, and counselling outcomes may vary, even when addressing comparable issues.

Every couple’s journey through relationship and mental health therapy is unique, resulting in varying time frames.

Results are tailored to the individuals involved, and we can delve into these specifics extensively during our sessions.

In your first session, we’ll delve into your initial concerns and challenges to help shape a personalised therapy roadmap. Our conversation may touch on areas such as resolving conflicts, fostering better communication, managing stress, enhancing intimacy, and devising strategies to foster growth in your relationship.

Relationship counselling primarily focuses on the partnership, yet psychologists are also equipped to evaluate individual factors that could influence the couple’s challenges.

For example, what may appear as a sudden shift in behaviour towards the partner could stem from a traumatic event unrelated to the relationship.

While sessions will primarily involve both parties, there may be occasions where individual sessions are deemed beneficial for both parties and are then incorporated into the counselling process.

Ros Yuen Psychology

What Makes Dr. Ros Yuen Your Ideal Choice for Relationship Counselling?

Couples Counselling

Expert Assistance

Backed by years of experience and professional qualifications, I deliver thorough, evidence-based relationship counselling.

I specialise in couples counselling, with a particular emphasis on helping couples improve communication and master conflict resolution techniques.

Gottman trained therapist Adelaide

Many clients gain positive outcomes from personalised relationship counselling designed specifically for their needs and goals.

My experience in delivering this specialised therapy enables me to effectively tackle various challenges that couples may encounter in their relationship.

Family Therapy

In-Person Sessions

I predominantly offer office-based services, with the option for telehealth sessions if deemed suitable, after initial meetings at my Leabrook office location.

Ros Yuen Psychology
Ros Yuen Psychology

Ready to Book Marriage Counselling in Leabrook?

With a focus on supporting couples through relationship difficulties and related issues, relationship counsellors bring dedication and expertise to the table. My objective is to facilitate the growth of effective communication and nurture a stronger, more vibrant, and happier relationship between you and your partner.

Ready to start relationship counselling in Leabrook? Contact me to learn more and set up your initial session.

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