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Relationship Support and Seeking Assistance

Relationships are complex. Ups and downs are inevitable parts of these essential and challenging facets of our lives. Most couples face difficulties at one point or another, whether they are due to internal or external factors.

While some issues can be managed without outside help, others may escalate and become more difficult to address without the proper support. If problems persist and seem insurmountable, seeking professional guidance is advisable.

relationship counselling Marryatville

Couples Counselling Marryatville

Understanding Couples Counselling

Couples therapy aims to equip partners with fresh skills and tactics tailored to address particular challenges within their relationship. Sessions are commonly conducted in person by a certified relationship therapist.

The delivery of therapy can span from a single session to multiple, depending on your needs and objectives. In our initial meeting, I will conduct an assessment and devise a customised plan to target your relationship issues or other areas of concern. It’s essential to recognise that relationship counselling services can and should be adjusted to align with your evolving progress.

Ros Yuen Psychology

How Can Marriage Counselling Benefit You?

Seeking professional guidance for your relationship is a decision that can stem from various reasons, not necessarily tied to a specific issue or mental health concern. You might seek experienced support to enhance and cultivate your partnership.

Conversely, there might be issues that demand dedicated attention to facilitate improvement. Regardless of your objectives or motivations, I’m committed to collaborating with you to enhance your quality of life together.

Indicators That Suggest Professional Assistance Could Be Beneficial

Issues within relationships can take a multitude of shapes. No two partners will experience the same problems in terms of their unique needs and desires. However, there are some signs that you may become aware of that could demonstrate that therapy may benefit you. 

Some of these may include:

Ros Yuen Psychology
Ros Yuen Psychology

Take a proactive step towards a fulfilling future with specialised relationship counselling crafted specifically for you and your partner's journey.

When Should You Seek Couples Counselling?

Telltale signs that people will benefit from couples counselling include:

A well-trained relationship psychologist can support you in shifting unhealthy dynamics in your marriage and relationship. It may seem intimidating or uncomfortable sharing your concerns with someone you do not know, but accredited counsellors are dedicated to helping each client in a safe and friendly environment.

The right support can make a significant difference in resolving the issues that endanger relationships. Although sharing your worries with a stranger may feel unsettling, accredited counsellors are here to offer help in a supportive and comforting environment.

Early intervention can yield improved results, but many couples wait six years or more before seeking help after problems surface. While it’s rarely too late, deeply ingrained communication patterns may become irreversible following years of misunderstanding.

Addressing concerns early on or when they start to significantly impact your lives may result in more positive outcomes.

Ros Yuen Psychology

Exploring the Benefits of Relationship Counselling

Relationship counselling can look different for all my clients, but it fundamentally focuses on evidence-based methods that are tailored to each couple.

Every relationship counselling session is structured around the couple’s specific needs, boundaries, and aspirations. As we progress through therapy, we’ll assess your development and adapt accordingly.

Ros Yuen Psychology

Couples Counselling FAQs: Your Questions Answered

I am happy and experienced to see anyone who needs support and guidance regarding the many facets of relationships. This may involve one or more people who are integral to the partnership. I am situated in Marryatville, so offer my services to residents in Marryatville, but an appointment can be carried out as a telehealth meeting when appropriate. I strongly recommend that sessions be conducted in person when at all possible.

Pricing for relationship counselling varies based on individual needs. For detailed information on session fees, please visit my website.

In the realm of psychology and mental health treatments, success isn’t guaranteed. Various factors converge, influencing outcomes either positively or negatively.

Some factors that may be advantageous may include examples such as commitment to therapy and interventions and the complexity of the issues and dynamics involved. Examples of factors that may make successful outcomes less possible may include a lack of connection to your therapist and an unwillingness to strive for similar goals.

The challenges couples encounter are multifaceted, and counselling results may differ, even when tackling similar issues.

There is never a one-size-fits-all approach to relationship and mental health therapy. This means that time frames differ from couple to couple.

The outcomes are unique to the individuals involved, and we can thoroughly address these aspects during our sessions.

During your initial session, we’ll pinpoint your primary concerns and issues, aiding me in devising a tailored therapy plan. Our discussions may encompass topics like conflict resolution, communication skills, stress management, enhancing intimacy, and cultivating strategies to nurture positivity in your relationship.

Relationship counselling primarily focuses on the partnership, yet psychologists are also equipped to evaluate individual factors that could influence the couple’s challenges.

For example, what may appear as a sudden shift in behaviour towards the partner could stem from a traumatic event unrelated to the relationship.

Generally, sessions will involve both parties, but individual sessions may be integrated into the process if it’s deemed advantageous for both individuals.

Ros Yuen Psychology

What Sets Dr. Ros Yuen Apart for Relationship Counselling?

Couples Counselling

Expert Advice

Leveraging my wealth of experience and qualifications, I offer comprehensive, evidence-supported relationship counselling.

I specialise in couples counselling, with a particular emphasis on helping couples improve communication and master conflict resolution techniques.

Gottman trained therapist Adelaide

Tailored relationship counselling crafted to address individual needs and aspirations often yields positive results for many clients.

My experience in delivering this specialised therapy enables me to effectively tackle various challenges that couples may encounter in their relationship.

Family Therapy


I provide mostly office-based services, which  

These can be complemented by telehealth sessions when deemed appropriate after initial sessions are held at my Marryatville office location.

Ros Yuen Psychology
Ros Yuen Psychology

Ready to Book Marriage Counselling in Marryatville?

With a focus on supporting couples through relationship difficulties and related issues, relationship counsellors bring dedication and expertise to the table. My objective is to facilitate the growth of effective communication and nurture a stronger, more vibrant, and happier relationship between you and your partner.

To initiate relationship counselling in Marryatville, reach out to me for further details and to arrange your first consultation.

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