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Seeking help is nothing to be ashamed about. Everybody goes through challenges and seeking help is not something to be ashamed of.

Drawing from my extensive background in psychology and family therapy, I am well-equipped to offer assistance, support, and guidance.

Ros Yuen Psychology
Hello, my name is Ros Yuen, I am a psychologist and family therapist practicing at Kensington.

Hello, my name is Ros Yuen, I am a psychologist and family therapist practicing near Kensington.

My goal is to collaborate with you in fostering purposeful transformations in your life. I strive to disrupt the unhelpful cycles of thought, emotion, and action that can hurt you, and to introduce fresh strategies so you can navigate life on your terms.

My passion lies in helping individuals overcome stress and trauma, ease anxiety, defeat depression, and foster nourishing relationships. In today’s world, mastering the ability to cultivate inner peace by managing our thoughts and actions is crucial. It’s about embracing what we can influence while releasing the grip on what’s beyond our control—learning to navigate life’s currents without trying to alter its natural course.

My services are mainly office-based and in-person complemented by telehealth if required. Any mental health emergency will be referred to the SA Mental Health Triage Services on 131465.

Ros Yuen


Member Australian Psychological Society
Ros Yuen Psychology

Psychology Support

Building momentum towards healthier, more resilient relationships with the aid of a mental health professional has the power to make a profound impact on your life’s direction.

Together, we can collaborate to enhance your relationship by equipping you with valuable skills and effective strategies, ultimately leading to a more fulfilling life. I focus on couple and family relationships, aiming to support you in various aspects of your journey.

Intimate relationships will inevitably face ups and downs. This can impact many facets and cause a variety of issues that may be difficult to deal with alone.

Family relationships are complex, multi-dimensional, and layered. The combination of different views, objectives, behaviours, and actions has the potential to result in complicated dynamics that may hinder happiness and well-being.

Family transformations bring a mix of benefits and challenges. Blended families encounter specific obstacles demanding delicate and detailed support to overcome.

Being in a relationship with a narcissist can often start out well, being fun and exciting before tuning into very bad ones once a lack of genuine caring becomes evident.

Various factors unique to same-sex couples need a comprehensive approach from a skilled professional who understands their specific needs.

Coping with workplace challenges like intimidation or harassment can feel overwhelming. Engaging with professional support services may offer valuable assistance in navigating and resolving these situations.

Ros Yuen Psychology

Frequently Asked Questions

For individual sessions scheduled between 8AM and 4PM, the fee is $240, while sessions after 4PM are $265.

The fee for a couple consultation is $290 for appointments from 8AM to 4PM. The fee for appointments later than 4PM is $315.  

{The fee for a family session is $120 per person. | Family sessions are charged at $120 per person. | Family sessions are $120 per person. | Family sessions are priced at $120 per person. | 

You can read more about fees any payment options here.

Online consultations in the form of Zoom and Phone sessions are also available. I prefer to have met you once or twice for intake before commencing online consultations. Please be aware that some experiential interventions especially for couples are difficult to do.

If you have Private Health Insurance with Extras for Psychology, you can probably claim a rebate from your Health Funds. As Funds vary with their policies and levels of cover, it is best that you check directly with your Health Funds.

Medicare offers rebates for individuals, not couples, through a Mental Health Plan prescribed by your GP. This plan remains valid for 12 months, during which you can access up to 10 sessions. Initially, your GP may assign 6 sessions, with the possibility of an additional 4 sessions after a review consultation.

Explore further details regarding available rebates by clicking here.

Rest assured, confidentiality is a cornerstone of our sessions. Psychologists adhere to strict ethical and legal guidelines that protect your privacy, except under circumstances such as a court order or if there is a credible threat of harm to yourself or others, requiring mandated reporting.

Psychologists are mandated reporters under the Firearms Regulations 2017. We are required to report suspected firearm injuries or any unsafe situations with firearms.

Psychologists are legally obliged to report any reasonable suspicion of harm to a child or young person.

Explore more about privacy regulations and your legal entitlements by clicking here.

Your first step will be completing an intake form in the waiting area. In the initial session, you’ll have the floor to discuss your concerns, with my guidance to help clarify any implicit matters. This session also serves as an opportunity for you to get a sense of my interpersonal approach and decide if it suits your needs. Generally, the intake process extends over two sessions, and during the first, I aim to be a compassionate listener, fully attuned to your needs.

We require a minimum of 48 business hours notice so that cancelled appointments can be offered to those on the waiting list. If cancellation occurs less than 48 business hours before the appointment and in the case of non-attendance, full fees will be charged. You can read more on our cancellation policy here.

Ros Yuen Psychology
Ros Yuen Psychology

Are you interested in booking an appointment?

Whether you’re grappling with challenges in your romantic relationship or navigating complexities within your family or social circles, you can explore informative resources online here. Start your journey by booking your initial consultation with me online.

The Gottman Approach

Recognising the importance of tailoring approaches to suit individual or couple needs, I integrate various techniques. One method I frequently use is the Gottman Method, renowned for its ability to address relationship issues effectively

In couples therapy and marriage counselling, this approach emphasises three relationship profiles: the friendship profile, the conflict profile, and the shared meanings profile.

Interventions are customised to address the unique strengths and weaknesses of a couple’s relationship based on these profiles. Special attention is given to perpetual issues, solvable problems, and enhancing conflict resolution and communication skills.

Gottman Method
Ros Yuen Psychology

Do you find it difficult to cope with…?

Anger, though a common human emotion, can pose issues when handled destructively. Developing an understanding of your anger is pivotal to its control. Recognise triggers, heed warning signs, and adopt coping mechanisms to effectively manage them.

Continuous worry or intrusive thoughts that disrupt everyday functioning define ongoing anxiety. While experiencing occasional anxiety is natural, when it becomes prolonged or unmanageable, it surpasses regular responses to life’s challenges.

Compulsions carry significant weight as they can disrupt various aspects of functioning.

If your actions cause concern for yourself or those close to you and impact your life negatively, seeking tailored treatment can be beneficial for addressing your unique needs.

The seriousness of compulsions lies in their potential to disrupt multiple areas of functioning.

While it’s common to have moments of feeling down, depression involves enduring feelings of sadness. If left unchecked, persistent depression can develop into a debilitating mental health disorder.

If you are dealing with symptoms such as low energy levels, decreased interest in your usual passions, or a sense of withdrawal, you may require help for a depressive disorder.

Feeling tense and anxious is a typical description of stress, which can serve as a short-term response, occasionally offering utility despite its discomfort. However, when stress becomes excessive and begins to impede your ability to function effectively, it calls for targeted strategies and coping techniques.

The occurrence of highly frightening or threatening events can lead to psychological scars. Traumatic experiences wield considerable influence, often revealing themselves through physical, behavioural, emotional, or cognitive indicators linked to trauma-related concerns.

  Obsessive thinking frequently accompanies repetitive behaviours or rituals aimed at alleviating the anxiety linked to those thoughts. Addressing this intricate issue is often most effective with the guidance of qualified and experienced professionals.

Gain insight into insecure attachment patterns and cultivate behaviours that align with secure attachment styles.

Addressing issues like insecure attachment, dismissive-avoidant attachment, fearful-avoidant attachment and anxious-preoccupied attachment often necessitates comprehensive professional guidance.

Develop an understanding of insecure attachment dynamics and adopt behaviours conducive to secure attachment patterns.

How to make an appointment?

Thank you for taking the time to visit our website. The most effective and time efficient way to make an appointment is to click here or use the booking button in the menu bar. Alternatively appointments can be made by telephone. If you want to find out more about the practice or services available please feel free to fill out the contact form and we will respond to you as soon as possible.

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What should I bring to my appointment?

In the first appointment, you can expect me to listen carefully to what you say and don’t say. It is natural to feel nervous. You have my utmost respect for being so courageous.

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