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Asking for help is a courageous step. We all experience times of turbulence and disruption in our lives.

I am an experienced psychologist and family therapist who can provide help, support and guidance.

Ros Yuen Psychology
Hello, my name is Ros Yuen, I am a psychologist and family therapist practicing at Kensington.

Welcome, I’m Ros Yuen, a psychologist focusing on family therapy, conveniently located near Leabrook.

My goal is to collaborate with you in fostering purposeful transformations in your life. I strive to disrupt the unhelpful cycles of thought, emotion, and action that can hurt you, and to introduce fresh strategies so you can navigate life on your terms.

I have a deep interest in helping people heal from stress and trauma, to help them reduce anxiety, conquer depression and build life-giving relationships. It is urgent today to acquire the skills to create our own sense of contentment by seeking more control over our own thoughts and deeds and foregoing misguided attempts at controlling those things that are simply uncontrollable. In short, it is enough that we learn to surf the waves of the ocean without shifting the shoreline.

Primarily, I provide in-person services at my office, with the option of telehealth if needed. In the event of a mental health emergency, individuals will be directed to the SA Mental Health Triage Services at 131465 for immediate assistance.

Ros Yuen


Member Australian Psychological Society
Ros Yuen Psychology

Psychology Support

Cultivating healthier, more resilient relationships with the guidance of a mental health worker could be transformative for your life.

Partnering with me means embarking on a transformative path towards a more fulfilling life. I’m dedicated to helping you cultivate essential skills and effective strategies tailored to improve your relationships. My focus areas include enhancing couple and family dynamics and ensuring holistic support along your journey.

Intimate relationships will inevitably face ups and downs. This can impact many facets and cause a variety of issues that may be difficult to deal with alone.

Within families, relationships weave together different viewpoints, goals, behaviours, and interactions. These combinations can create dynamics that, if left unaddressed, may undermine the collective happiness and well-being of the family unit.

Amidst the changes and growth within families, there’s a blend of positivity and adversity. Navigating the complexities of blended family dynamics requires a tailored and sensitive approach to address the distinct challenges they present

The early stages of a relationship with a narcissist might be exhilarating and joyful, but as their lack of authentic empathy becomes apparent, the dynamics can deteriorate rapidly, leading to challenging situations.

The complexities faced by same-sex couples call for a thorough approach from a compassionate professional who comprehends their experiences.

Dealing with workplace issues such as intimidation or harassment can pose significant challenges. Accessing professional support may be instrumental in managing and finding resolution amidst these issues.

Ros Yuen Psychology

Frequently Asked Questions

Session fees vary depending on the time and type of session. Individual sessions are $240 from 8AM to 4PM and $265 after 4PM.

Couple consultations are $290 during regular hours and $315 for appointments later than 4PM. Couple consultations during standard hours cost $290, and $315 for appointments after 4PM.  

{The fee for a family session is $120 per person. | Family sessions are charged at $120 per person. | Family sessions are $120 per person. | Family sessions are priced at $120 per person. | 

Further details on fees and payment options can be found HERE.

Online consultations via Zoom and Phone sessions are part of my services. I do recommend an initial face-to-face meeting, ideally once or twice, before transitioning to online sessions. Please keep in mind that certain interventions, particularly those geared towards couples, may not translate as effectively to an online setting.

If you have Private Health Insurance with Extras for Psychology, you can probably claim a rebate from your Health Funds. As Funds vary with their policies and levels of cover, it is best that you check directly with your Health Funds.

Medicare provides rebates for individuals, not couples, through a Mental Health Plan prescribed by your GP. The plan is valid for 12 months, granting you access to a total of 10 sessions. Initially, your GP may allocate 6 sessions, with an additional 4 sessions available following a review consultation.

Explore further details regarding available rebates by clicking here.

Confidentiality is paramount in all our sessions. Psychologists are ethically and legally obligated to maintain confidentiality, except in specific situations such as a court subpoena or if there is a significant risk of harm to you or others, where mandated reporting is required.

Psychologists are mandated reporters according to the Firearms Regulations 2017. This means we’re obligated to report any suspected firearm-related injuries or unsafe firearm situations.

Psychologists are mandated to report if they suspect on reasonable grounds that a child or young person is at risk of harm.

For further information on privacy and your legal rights, please visit this link.

You will be asked to complete an intake form of several pages in the waiting room, then, the first session is for you to speak about your concerns with gentle guidance from me to make explicit what is implicit. You will also experience my interpersonal style and assess if I am the right fit for you. Two sessions are usually needed to cover the intake process and my aim in the first session is to be an attuned listener to you.

We kindly ask for a minimum of 48 business hours notice for cancellations to accommodate those on our waiting list. In the event of cancellation less than 48 business hours before the appointment or non-attendance, full fees will be charged. For further details, please refer to our cancellation policy.

Ros Yuen Psychology
Ros Yuen Psychology

Are you ready to arrange an appointment?

Whether you’re grappling with challenges in your romantic relationship or navigating complexities within your family or social circles, you can explore informative resources online here. Start your journey by booking your initial consultation with me online.

The Gottman Method

Employing diverse strategies to address particular challenges ensures personalised support for individuals or couples. Among the methods I employ is the Gottman Method, known for its effectiveness in fostering healthier relationships.

This approach to couples therapy sessions and marriage counselling focuses on three profiles of relationships: the friendship profile, the conflict profile, and the shared meanings profile.

Interventions are tailored to the specific strengths and weaknesses of a couple’s relationship in terms of these profiles. There is a particular focus on perpetual issues, solvable problems, and conflict resolution and communication.

Gottman Method
Ros Yuen Psychology

Do you find it difficult to cope with…?

While anger is a natural human emotion, it can become problematic when expressed destructively. Understanding your anger is key to its management. Identify triggers, recognise warning signs, and adopt effective coping strategies.

Enduring distressing thoughts or excessive worry that hinders daily activities is indicative of ongoing anxiety. Although feeling anxious from time to time is common, when it persists or becomes unmanageable, it deviates from typical reactions to circumstances.

Compulsion can be serious as it can impair the way one functions in many areas. 

If your behaviour or actions are worrying you or your loved ones and are negatively affecting your life, you may benefit from comprehensive treatment that is developed for your specific needs.

While everyone experiences occasional lows, depression entails persistent and overwhelming sadness. Prolonged depression can evolve into a debilitating mental health condition.

Experiencing symptoms like reduced energy, diminished interest in once-enjoyed activities, or a tendency to withdraw may indicate the need for assistance with managing a depressive disorder.

Stress is often associated with sensations of tension and apprehension, serving as a transient experience that may have adaptive qualities despite its discomfort. Nevertheless, when stress reaches harmful levels and starts to disrupt your capacity to function optimally, it demands focused strategies and coping mechanisms.

Experiencing something deeply frightening or threatening can result in psychological wounds. Traumatic events carry substantial consequences, manifesting in physical, behavioural, emotional, or cognitive signs and symptoms associated with trauma-related issues.

Obsessive thinking is commonly accompanied by repetitive actions or rituals intended to alleviate the anxiety associated with those thoughts. Seeking support from qualified and experienced professionals is often the most effective approach to tackling this complex issue.

Challenges related to insecure attachment, dismissive-avoidant attachment, fearful-avoidant attachment, and anxious-preoccupied attachment typically call for extensive professional assistance.

How to make an appointment?

Thank you for taking the time to visit our website. The most effective and time efficient way to make an appointment is to click here or use the booking button in the menu bar. Alternatively appointments can be made by telephone. If you want to find out more about the practice or services available please feel free to fill out the contact form and we will respond to you as soon as possible.

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What should I bring to my appointment?

In the first appointment, you can expect me to listen carefully to what you say and don’t say. It is natural to feel nervous. You have my utmost respect for being so courageous.

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